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Orthodontic Aligners in Flagstaff, AZ

SureSmile aligners are one of the latest invisible braces products available for you. If you are looking for a clear braces alternative that works swiftly and effectively, you have come to the right place. After a comprehensive evaluation at High Country Family Dentistry in Flagstaff, Arizona, we can help figure out if SureSmile Clear Aligners is the right solution for you. 

Who Are Candidates For SureSmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces that can align your teeth and improve your smile. They can be used explicitly for teens and adults and can resolve from simple to complex problems such as crowded teeth, gaps, and underbites/overbites. Dr. Ryan Tuinstra can evaluate your needs and recommend the best treatment plan for you. 

Benefits of SureSmile Aligners

The benefits of our SureSmile Clear Aligners include the following:

Discreet Appearance

The SureSmile clear aligner trays are clear and transparent and give you a discreet appearance. Nobody around you will even be aware that you are wearing braces. As a result, patients can avoid the embarrassment of unnecessary attention. 


SureSmile Clear Teeth Aligners will help you avoid the inconvenience associated with traditional metal braces. They do not scar your mouth.

Speedy Treatments

The entire SureSmile clear aligner treatment often lasts only between six to twelve months. You can have an aligned set of teeth in a matter of a few months. 

Oral Hygiene

The SureSmile clear trays are easy to wear and remove. And as a result, you can brush and floss your teeth without having to use special tools. They can be removed before eating, thus allowing you to enjoy all your favorite foods. Upon completion of treatment, many patients have improved oral hygiene and homecare with teeth in ideal alignment.

The SureSmile Clear Aligners Procedure

Once your suitability for the SureSmile Aligner treatments is confirmed, we will proceed with the process. Photos and x-rays will be taken to plan out the treatment plan. Digital impressions of your teeth are captured, and the data is entered into our software, which will digitally chalk out a series of invisible plastic trays that will gently move your teeth until they straighten out. The customized trays will be specially designed for you. Each set of trays must be worn for about ten to fourteen days before you move on to the next set of aligners. Upon wearing all the aligners, you will have an aligned beautiful smile.

SureSmile clear aligners can help straighten your smile. If you have questions about SureSmile clear aligners, visit our office, High Country Family Dentistry, at 504 N Humphreys St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001. You can also reach Dentist Flagstaff, AZ at (928) 779-3666.


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